Engineering Services

    Pre Tender stage Engineering and estimation for proposed project work:

    With this service of ours, you can have estimate on the scope, extent and budget of your project.

    Preparation of General Arrangement drawings and Plot plan for system engineering:

    Our services include process plant layout, conveyor layout etc. project wise.

    Mechanical Design and Engineering for bulk material handling systems:

    Our services include design engineering for material handling conveyors and freezing technical parameters for procurement.


    In civil design of Industrial structures our services include but not limited to hoppers, bunkers, process building, belt conveyors office buildings, pump house etc.









    In structural design of Industrial structures our services include but not limited to conveyor galleries, trestles, junction houses, thickeners, bins, bunkers process buildings etc.








    Structural Fabrication Drawings:

    We prepare structural fabrication drawings from GA drawings which leads to reduction in wastage of structural steel as well as smooth and fast fabrication and erection job.

    Technological Structures:

    We provide detailed drawings with steel take off for chutes, surge hoppers, equipment supporting structures etc as per the layout drawing and as required during project execution stage.




    We offer high standard project management services with L2. L3 scheduling, project control charts, third party design engineering monitoring, priority scheduling, site supervision etc.

    Time Scheduling Basic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Detail Engineering, Project Management